Glytrol UltraPak 1000 ml - 6 ct

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Glytrol UltraPak 1000 ml

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#23228Nutren Glytrol 1000 Ml UltraPak System Container6 EA per CACA
Glytrol Nutrition Support with Prebio1 for Patients with Hyperglycemia is a balanced nutritional formula, which meets the Dietary Guidelines of the American Diabetes Association for patients requiring blood glucose control. The unique carbohydrate blend includes amylose starch and a mixture of soluble and insoluble fibers. Contains Prebio1, a breakthrough fiber blend that helps maintain complete gut health. MCT constitutes approximately 20% of the fat source, with the remainder as high-oleic safflower oil and canola oil to provide a diet rich in MUFA. Glytrol Diet in the UltraPak System is packaged in a prefilled, non-air-dependent closed system to reduce set-up time, minimize the potential for bacterial contamination, decrease waste and provide the flexibility of a hang time of up to 48 hours. 6 per Case 


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