Ensure Plus Therapeutic Nutrition Shake - Strawberry 8 oz (24 ct)

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Ensure Plus Therapeutic Nutrition Shake

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#23101Strawberry (not shown)8 fl. oz Can24 EA per CACA

• A source of Complete, Balanced Nutrition. 
• High in calories (1.5 Cal/mL) and excellent source of protein (13 g/serving).
• Immune Balance, a unique blend of prebiotic fiber to help promote digestive tract health and antioxidants to support the immune system. 
• Excellent source (650 mg/8 fl oz) of plant-based omega-3 fatty acid ALA (40% of 1.6 g DV) to support heart health. 
• Excellent source of 24 essential vitamins and minerals. 
• Good source of fiber (3 g scFOS/serving) to help maintain regularity.
  • Not for IV Use
  • Halal
  • Suitable for Lactose Intolerance

  • Kosher
  • Gluten Free
  • Not for Patients with Galactosemia

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